The Bridge Club Launches the First Video-Based Community for Veterinary Professionals

Palatine, IL — January 31, 2018 – Good communications is 93 percent nonverbal and seven percent verbal, but in today’s world of social platforms, apps and texting, good communications is quickly becoming extinct. To solve this growing challenge, Brenda Andresen and Catherine Haskins are launching The Bridge Club, the first video-based, professional community created to connect the industry’s best in just 25 minutes at VMX.

The Bridge Club combines the profound expertise provided in TED-style talks and the networking of LinkedIn with the friendship, laughter and insight that develops from long-standing book clubs.

According to Andresen, founding partner of The Bridge Club, “We are putting the priority on the conversation rather than presentations, making this community unique in its approach to inspire professionals.” The Bridge Club plans on also energizing its members with a toast before every event.

A Bridge Club conversation is set to be 25–30 minutes maximum and is done through virtual conversations via video conference. Participants must turn on their video cameras and are invited to join the discussion.

The Bridge Club is responding to a critical need to shift the new-world communications paradigm of constant texting back to talking.

According to Haskins, founding partner of The Bridge Club, “Our goal is to bring back old-fashioned communications, but in a modern way that works with everyone’s schedules.”

The Bridge Club is for veterinary professionals who are interested in expanding their personal and professional footprint. Event content is based on a 30-30-30-10 approach: 30 percent professional development, 30 percent veterinary medicine, 30 percent personal growth and 10 percent on topics impacting society (e.g., the new tax plan or sexual harassment).

Membership to The Bridge Club and access to all of the virtual events is free. Each event begins with a toast and is followed by an 8- to 10-minute hosted conversation. The Bridge Club will host live events, including Bourbon with The Bridge Club and Martini Meetups at various conventions throughout the year.

Andresen and Haskins are industry veterans who are woven into the fabric of the veterinary industry. Andresen has been within the industry for more than 25 years in many capacities, including being instrumental in leading the industry-wide Partners for Healthy Pets Initiative. For the past two decades, Haskins has supported industry companies behind the scenes to address complex challenges in all aspects of veterinary medicine. To learn more, visit

The Bridge Club

The Bridge Club is the first video-based, professional community created to connect the industry’s best in just 25 minutes. The Bridge Club inspires professional and personal growth and creates connections. It’s a “Ted-Talks meets LinkedIn + book club” concept that brings people together in an atmosphere of trust and camaraderie. To learn more, visit