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About Us

About Us

About The Bridge Club

The Bridge Club was initially created to introduce new friends to each other, and for six years an original group of ten regularly gathered together over drinks or dinner.

Today, The Bridge Club is a 25-minute opportunity to feed your brain and your spirit, a break from the crazy that is everyday living. Our priority on the conversations, not presentations. We are people first and veterinary professionals second, and we heartily encourage members to come to our virtual events with their beverage of choice in hand.

Members, this is your community. We encourage your feedback and suggestions. Use our Contact Us page to tell us what you love, what you don’t, what conversation topics you’d like to see included in live or virtual conversations, and what conversations you would like to host.

Connect - Engage - Learn - Grow

Raise A Glass

Over-reliance on devices is harming our ability to have valuable face-to-face conversations, the most human thing we do, by splitting our attention and diminishing our capacity for empathy.

The Bridge Club was created as a video conference-based community for a reason. When we can’t see each other, we lose so much of the context and connection that drives positive human interaction. So turn on those cameras.

How We Work

Virtual Bridge Club conversations are 25 – 30 minute events made up of 3 parts:

  • The toast (come ready with your beverage of choice)
  • The hosted topic (ranging from professional to personal, entertaining to serious)
  • Q&A and discussion (add to the conversation! We want to hear your thoughts and ideas!)

Then there’s the “after party” 10-15 additional minutes of community time for those members who aren’t quite ready for the conversation to end!

Here's What's Coming

Connect. Engage. Learn. Grow.

Join Us For Bridge Club Conversation!

Registration to all Bridge Club virtual conversations are free – yes, absolutely free. And it’s easy to become a Bridge Club member.

Become an All Access level of membership for opportunities to attend exclusive virtual and live networking events, receive recordings of virtual Bridge Club delivered right to your e-mailbox!

All Access Membership Benefits

Your $35 annual membership includes:

  • Exclusive online and live networking events
  • Attend all virtual events at no cost
  • Links to all recorded virtual events delivered to your in-box

* Membership runs 12 months

Not ready to join but want to give The Bridge Club a try? Sign up to be notified when new conversations are announced, then register and attend any and every virtual conversation that interests you.*