Here’s what’s coming to The Bridge Club!

Bridge Club community topics are chosen to support professional and personal development while inspiring a stronger, more collaborative industry.  Although we do hope you will join us as a virtual or All Access member, registration for virtual events  is absolutely free and does not require membership,

September Virtual Events

September 5th, Noon CST  VMAE Member Exclusive Event: Value Proposition Discussion. This is a closed event for VMAE members. For more information, contact Catherine Haskins @

September 13th, 6 pm CST The Craziest Thing Happened at Work!  This is a sharing session of all of the craziest things that can happen in a vet clinic/hospital. Got a great story, email and we will have you share with the group. Register here.

September 27, Noon MST VMAE Member Exclusive Event: Momentum Book Club – Part 2. This is a closed event for VMAE Members. For more information, contact Catherine Haskins @

September 28th, Noon CST Ageism – How to find a job over 50! We are bringing back one of our regular hosts, Stacy Pursell, The VET Recruiter, for a stimulating conversation on what you can do to get a job, when you are over 50. Employers, candidates and those in their 40s, this is a must attend event.  Register here.

October Virtual Events

October 15, Noon CST – Vet Tech Week: Working more than one job? Yes, you can still be successful.

Is work/life balance achievable? Hear from notable technicians who have cracked the code to working long hours and multiple jobs while sustaining family and personal happiness. Register Here.

October 16th, Noon CST – VetTech Week: How I work!

We all work differently, join the conversation on how  technicians work differently around the country to impact the lives of pets. Register Here.

October 16, Noon CST Stop Drawing the Line in the Sand  – How to find Common Ground in a Conflict. Details to come.

October 17th, noon CST Vet Tech Week: Can I make myself AND my practice happy?

They say culture starts at the top, so can youmake a difference in the workplace? We’ll discuss how we can each bring happiness back into the workplace. Register Here.

October 18th, 10 am CST – Vet Tech Week: How to get your boss or practice owner to listen to your ideas!

You know your passions, but aren’t confident that it will be something that your boss would be interested in implementing into the practice.  Learn from technicians that have taken their passions and made their practice better because of them.  They will also provide suggestions in talking with your boss and allowing them to see the benefits of your passions for the practice, clients and patients. Register Here.

October 19th, 10 am CST – Vet Tech Week Telemedicine: What are the job opportunities for Technicians?

Telemedicine presents great opportunities for technicians! Join Guardian Vet in a discussion about how telemedicine thrives with veterinary technicians and the opportunities that await you. Register here

October 25, Noon MST VMAE Member Exclusive Event: Momentum Book Club – Part 3. This is a closed event for VMAE Members. For more information, contact Catherine Haskins @

Topics Coming Soon:

Social Media 3 Part Series: What to do when the S**T hits the fan with a bad review or bad social post.

The Highs and Lows of Marijuana use in veterinary medicine. This three part series will cover legal use of marijuana in pets, when employees have a medical card and state laws.

Practice Managers Week – we are creating content just for practice managers. Have a suggestion, email us!

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