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March 28 @  7 pm CST

Opioid Diversion in and out of the Practice: When to act

Host Stephen Cital, RVT, RLAT, SRA, VCCS, VTS-LAM

Join The Bridge Club for a conversation on the critical topic of opioid diversion by veterinary staff and veterinary clients. How can you confirm it is happening? When should you act, and what should you do? Bridge Club host Stephen Cital will share insights and recommendations sure to open your eyes.

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April 6  @ 8:30 pm CST LIVE EVENT!

 Bridge Club Whisky Meet-up at VIS

Host: The Bridge Club

Wash the dust off the day with a little Whiskey! Network with other Veterinary Innovation Summit attendees and Bridge Club founders Brenda Andresen and Catherine Haskins at this special Bridge Club Live Event Your $15 registration includes a ticket to a guaranteed good time and your first drink. Select from a wide variety of whiskeys curated by The Bridge Clubor choose a more mainstream beer, wine, or cocktail.

The Bridge Club would like to thank Zoetis for their support of this live event!

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April 11  @ 7 pm CST

What Amazon can teach us about marketing veterinary hospitals

Host Robert Sanchez

We are all in awe of what Amazon has been able to accomplish and we are also a little weary. What does this mean for veterinary medicine. But there is a lot to learn from what Amazon does. Join this great discussion with Founder of Digital Empathy Robert Sanchez.

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April 16 @ 7pm CST

            Creating and facilitating access to veterinary care for ALL pets

Host David Haworth

Millions of pets go without adequate veterinary care – not because owners don’t        want to provide it, but because they can’t access it because of geographic or financial constraints. Join Dr. David Haworth t explore new practice models that remove or reduce those barriers and help give all pets the care they need.   Register here

April 25 @ 7 pm CST

The Ins and Outs of Being a Relief Vet

Host: Cindy Trice

Interested in becoming a relief vet but not sure how to get started or handle to the business side of being a relief vet? Cindy Trice, a relief vet shares her insights and learnings!

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May 14 @ 6 pm CST

Don’t Feed The Angry Gods

Host: Debra Hamilton

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June 5 @  7 pm CST

How to Work with Breeders and Build a Solid Business Model

Hosts: Dr. Marti Greer and Debra Hamilton

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August 5, 5:00 pm EST LIVE EVENT!

The Bridge Club Industry Icon Event honoring John Payne

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Details for these conversations will be posted soon

Access to Care

The Dog Shortage

Nutrition Myths

Understanding the Challenges to Implementing Fear Free and Successfully Conquering them

You Can Have it All, Maybe Just Not All At Once

The Veterinary Crisis: How Colleges Can Help

Veterinary Technicians Week

Practice Managers Week

Cat Week

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