Oh no! You’ve missed these Bridge Club conversations!

Oh no!  You’ve missed these insightful and information-packed bridge club conversations! But not to worry….join as an All Access member and receive links to view the video recordings!
August Virtual Events

August 2,  Noon CST The framework for staying connected to your unique path, hosted by Kimberly Pope-Robinson

August 6, 6:30 pm CST What Should The Bridge Club Talk About Next: Call for Topics with the Bridge Club 

August 15,  7 pm CST Helping Nurses and Vets with Fearful Pets with Dr. Amy Pike

August 30, Noon MST VMAE Member Exclusive Event: Momentum Book Club – Part 1. This is a closed event for VMAE Members. For more information, contact Catherine Haskins @ catherine@thebridgeclub.com

July 2018 Events

July 10, 6:30 pm CST   Bridge Club Book Club – Best Business Books –  this event has ended

July 13, 8:00 pm MST Bourbon with The Bridge Club and ASPCA Pet Health Insurance

July 16, 4:00 – 5:30 pm MST  The Bridge Club Launches it’s INDUSTRY ICON Series with Kristin Peck

July 31, 10:30 am CST Make the Commitment to Stay Connected, hosted by Kimberly Pope-Robinson

June 2018 Events

June 7, 2:30 pm CST   The Economics of Telehealth & After Hours Care, with Host John Dillon

June 14, 12 pm CST  You Are Your Own Brand  with Host Stacy Pursell

June 19, 10 am CST   Nipped in the Bud, Not in the Butt: Using Mediation to Resolve Animal Conflicts  with Host Debra Vey Voda-Hamilton – postponed – please check back for the new Fall date and time

June 20, 3 pm CST   Who Owns The Pet Medical Records? Hosted by Dr. Kerri Marshall  –

May 2018 Events

May 3, 3:30 CST    Spectrum of Leadership Part 2, with Host Dr. Michael Murray

May 7,  1 pm CST Telemedicine: Key Learnings from Human Medicine, with Host Dr. Shea Cox

May 22, 6 pm CST Getting Ready for AVMA – Let’s Discuss the Must See Symposiums, The Best Networking Locations and Where to Book Dinners!

May 23, 3 pm CST  Telemedicine: The Role of VCPRs, with Host Dr. Lori Teller

May 30, 2 pm CST An Ounce of Prevention: Education to Better Help Pets and Your Practice, with Host Dr. Jason Nicholas