Oh no! You’ve missed these Bridge Club conversations!

Oh no!  You’ve missed these insightful and information-packed bridge club conversations! But not to worry….join as an All Access member and receive links to view the video recordings!
March virtual events

VIS: Here’s why you’ll want to come. How to max your experience while there with hosts: Dean Eleanor Green, Aaron Massecar and Jeremy Keen.   Planning to attend the Veterinary Innovation Summit April 5 – 7 in College Station, Texas? Or interested but not yet registered? Come learn more about this gathering of forward-thinking veterinary professionals. Already registered? Come find out about “can’t miss” learning and connecting opportunities.  Texas A&M Dean Eleanor Green and Veterinary Innovation Council Executive Director Aaron Massecar host this special Bridge Club conversation.

Starting Over: When Your Career Doesn’t Go As Planned with host Kathleen Fleck       Is your career where you want it to be? Did your career take an unexpected turn when you were laid off? Did you move across country for a new job, only to find it wasn’t what you dreamed you would be doing? Join us for a candid discussion with Kathleen Fleck – who has been through this journey and is now in a place she loves.

February Virtual events

Tackling Testing for Cushing’s Disease –The What, When, and Why to Making an Accurate Diagnosis There is no perfect test for identifying hyperadrenocorticism, a clinical diagnosis based on patient history, evidence of pathology and/or appropriate clinical signs and consistent diagnostic test results. With these challenges in mind, Christopher G. Byers, DVM, DACVECC, DACVIM (SAIM), CVJ, will share his insights and answer your questions in this Bridge Club conversation. Come hear his perspective on the critical importance of communication with pet parents regarding screening diagnostic assays, recommendations on testing for hyperadrenocorticism when a patient is clinically ill, and much more.  The Bridge Club thanks Dechra for their support of this conversation.

LIVE EVENT: The Bridge Club’s Industry ICON Event at WVC The Bridge Club Industry Icon series is an intimate discussion with some of the most intriguing people in animal health – leaders whose commitment and vision have influenced the past and are creating the future of our profession. Plan now to join us for this very special Live Event in Las Vegas as we recognize  two very deserving Bridge Club’s  Industry ICONs, AAHA CEO Dr. Michael Cavanaugh and Avviarre Founder and President Julia Stephanus.

January Virtual events

The Veterinary Nurse Initiative – Pro’s and Cons The Veterinary Nurse Initiative has received lots of publicity – but what does it really mean to working veterinary technicians/veterinary nurses?  Come hear pro and con commentary from some of the most engaged advocates for and against, and from veterinary professionals just like you.  The Bridge Club would like to thank Banfield Pet Hospital for their support of this conversation.

The Veterinary Nurse Initiative – Your Questions Answered The Bridge Club presents varying perspectives on the VNI on Tuesday and then on Wednesday we open the conversation to YOUR questions. What does the VNI mean to you as a practice owner or practice manager? What does it mean for those of you have worked for years as “veterinary technicians”? What does it mean for new technicians and those who want (or need) to take a job in a different state? The Bridge Club thanks Animal Policy Group for their support of this conversation.

December Virtual events

Stop the Itch! December 4th at 7 pm CST –  Guest host, Dr. Douglas DeBoer, Professor of Dermatology at the University of Wisconsin, helped us all sooth the big itch challenges with antimicrobial resistance, topical therapy for pyoderma; and topical solutions in general. A special thank you to Virbac for supporting this discussion.

November Virtual Events

The Bridge Club  featured  our first holiday kickoff conversation!  Attendees found out which bourbons Brenda Andresen has on her wish list and which must-have work gifts Catherine Haskins recommends.


The Bridge Club hosted a full week of technician-centric conversations during Veterinary Technician’s week – here’s what we talked about:

Is work/life balance achievable? Hear from notable technicians Julie Legred, CVT, and Beckie Mossor, RVT – both successful women who have cracked the code to working long hours and multiple jobs while sustaining family and personal happiness.

One job title, a million different ways to define it!  Join the conversation with technicians from around the country and from different types of practice to  learn about their responsibilities and their approaches to their careers as veterinary technicians.

Our panelists

DJ Cannon, MPH, LVT, LBBP,  Companion animal practice

Ashley Gaudet, RVT, VTS, Livestock  clinical practice

Janet McConnell, CVT, Specialty practice – veterinary nursing team development

Brianne Morrow, LVT, VTS (Nutrition), Industry – corporate  affairs

And a special toast by Abbie Hathaway, CVT, Banfield Veterinary Hospital

The Bridge Club would like to  thank Banfield Pet Hospital for their support of this conversation!

They say “culture starts at the top”, but does it really?  How can you a difference in the workplace, drive a successful career, and not work yourself to death in the process?  Denise Mikita, MS, CVT, chose one of her 3 jobs (yes, 3….all at once) primarily because of the culture and is living proof that we can each play a role in cultivating professional AND personal happiness for ourselves and others in our working lives.

You know your passions and would like to offer solutions to practice “problems”, but aren’t confident your boss will see the benefits. What to do? Come learn from technicians who have used their passion to help  make their practice better.  Our panelists:

Valerie Garuccio, LVT, VTS (ECC)

Brianne Morrow, LVT, VTS (Nutrition)

Rebecca Rose, AAS, CVT

Jade Velasquez, LVT

Hear how they present and push forward ideas that benefit their practice,  their clients and their patients.


Telemedicine presents great opportunities for technicians!  Veterinary triage company Guardian Vet and others participated in a discussion about the critical role of veterinary technicians and the opportunities that await you in this burgeoning area of veterinary medicine.

September Virtual Events

Ageism – How to find a job over 50! We are bringing back one of our regular hosts, Stacy Pursell, The VET Recruiter, for a stimulating conversation on what you can do to get a job, when you are over 50.

August Virtual Events

The framework for staying connected to your unique path, hosted by Kimberly Pope-Robinson

What Should The Bridge Club Talk About Next: Call for Topics with the Bridge Club 

Helping Nurses and Vets with Fearful Pets with Dr. Amy Pike

VMAE Member Exclusive Event: Momentum Book Club – Part 1. This is a closed event for VMAE Members. For more information, contact Catherine Haskins @ catherine@thebridgeclub.com

July 2018 Events

Bridge Club Book Club – Best Business Books –  this event has ended

Bourbon with The Bridge Club and ASPCA Pet Health Insurance

The Bridge Club Launches it’s INDUSTRY ICON Series with Kristin Peck

Make the Commitment to Stay Connected, hosted by Kimberly Pope-Robinson

June 2018 Events

The Economics of Telehealth & After Hours Care, with Host John Dillon

You Are Your Own Brand  with Host Stacy Pursell

Nipped in the Bud, Not in the Butt: Using Mediation to Resolve Animal Conflicts  with Host Debra Vey Voda-Hamilton – postponed – please check back for the new Fall date and time

Who Owns The Pet Medical Records? Hosted by Dr. Kerri Marshall  –

May 2018 Events

Spectrum of Leadership Part 2, with Host Dr. Michael Murray

Telemedicine: Key Learnings from Human Medicine, with Host Dr. Shea Cox

Getting Ready for AVMA – Let’s Discuss the Must See Symposiums, The Best Networking Locations and Where to Book Dinners!

Telemedicine: The Role of VCPRs, with Host Dr. Lori Teller

An Ounce of Prevention: Education to Better Help Pets and Your Practice, with Host Dr. Jason Nicholas