Veterinary Technician Week at The Bridge Club

Join The BrIdge Club for 5 consecutive days of technician-centric conversations! Timely professional and personal topics – topics our Bridgers have told us are important to them – will be hosted by technicians from across the country.

 Here’s the lineup and links to registration.

October 15, Noon CST – Vet Tech Week: Working more than one job? Yes, you can still be successful.

Is work/life balance achievable? Hear from notable technicians Julie Legred, CVT, and Beckie Mossor, RVT – both successful women who have cracked the code to working long hours and multiple jobs while sustaining family and personal happiness.

October 16th, 7 pm CST – VetTech Week: How I work!  

One job title, a million different ways to define it!  Join the conversation with technicians from around the country and from different types of practice to  learn about their responsibilities and their approaches to their careers as veterinary technicians.

Our panelists

DJ Cannon, MPH, LVT, LBBP,  Companion animal practice

Ashley Gaudet, RVT, VTS, Livestock  clinical practice

Janet McConnell, CVT, Specialty practice – veterinary nursing team development

Brianne Morrow, LVT, VTS (Nutrition), Industry – corporate  affairs

And a special toast by Abbie Hathaway, CVT, Banfield Veterinary Hospital

The Bridge Club would like to  thank Banfield Pet Hospital for their support of this conversation!


October 17th, noon CST Vet Tech Week: Can I make myself AND my practice happy?

They say “culture starts at the top”, but does it really?  How can you a difference in the workplace, drive a successful career, and not work yourself to death in the process?  Denise Mikita, MS, CVT, chose one of her 3 jobs (yes, 3….all at once) primarily because of the culture and is living proof that we can each play a role in cultivating professional AND personal happiness for ourselves and others in our working lives.

October 18th, 7 Pm CST – Vet Tech Week: How to get your boss or practice owner to listen to your ideas!

You know your passions and would like to offer solutions to practice “problems”, but aren’t confident your boss will see the benefits. What to do? Come learn from technicians who have used their passion to help  make their practice better.  Our panelists:

Valerie Garuccio, LVT, VTS (ECC)

Brianne Morrow, LVT, VTS (Nutrition)

Rebecca Rose, AAS, CVT

Jade Velasquez, LVT

Hear how they present and push forward ideas that benefit their practice,  their clients and their patients.

October 19th, 10 am CST – Vet Tech Week Telemedicine: New job opportunities for Technicians?

Telemedicine presents great opportunities for technicians! Join Guardian Vet in a discussion about the critical role of veterinary technicians and the opportunities that await you. Register here

The Bridge Club would like to thank Guardian Vets for their support of this conversation!

These are live video events, open to you at absolutely no cost . The catch?  Like a good dinner party, recordings of the events will not be distributed and “seats” are limited, so we ask that registrants keep their commitment to attend . Please cancel if you register and find that you are not able to participate so that we can offer your place to another individual.