What to Expect

“The Bridge Club is a videoconference-based community for a reason – it’s been said that 93% of communication is non-verbal. When we can’t SEE each other, we lose context, risk misunderstandings, and miss so much of the benefit of face-to-face human interaction. So turn on those cameras!”

Bridge Club conversations are 25 – 30 minute events made up of 3 parts
1, The toast (please come ready with your beverage of choice)
2. The hosted topic
3. Q&A and discussion (Please add to the conversation! We want to hear your perspectives and ideas!)

Then there’s the “after party” – 10 to 15 additional minutes of community time for those attendees who aren’t quite ready for the conversation to end!

As a member, you’ll have access to a minimum of 3 virtual events each month – attend all or none based on your schedule and interests.. Events and registration links will be shared on our website, via email updates, and on our facebook page.

You’ll also receive invitations to a minimum of 3 live networking events each year. Attendance at all live events is included with All-access memberships and is open to all other members at a cost of $15 per event.

RSVP’s help us manage expectations and engagement and are requested for both virtual and live events.

This is a member-focused community – your opinions, suggestions, and recommendations are valued and encouraged.